About us

At Kairos we guide you with the ability to put your best foot forward by enhancing your appearance as the world today demands the highest standards. We advise on Image Consulting and train on Professional Styling, Leadership skills, Effective Communication, Business Etiquettes, New Hire Training, Voice & Accent, Motivational Skills, Business protocol to create powerful first impression.

Analysing requirements and designing key solutions that meet client’s goals is the proven track record. We consistently exceed expectations with a passion to train people and make them impactful leaders in their sphere of influence.

We have trained several Employees, Working Professionals, Faculties, Teachers, Students – Genpact , Trinity College of Hotel Management, Pioneer Institute Of Hotel Management, Bhadruka College of Commerce, Employees of Central Bank of India, Andhra Pradesh Government CA Colleges, Crux Management, Exide Life Insurance, Elite Institute of Foreign Languages, just to name a few.

The success of an enterprise hinges on the image of the person behind it, and the most talked about Organisations are those with the most poised and confident team. Therefore, if you want to present your very best to your clients, employers or public following, then we are the ones who will take you to the next level.

We offer training solutions in Image Management Consulting & Soft skills for Corporate, Colleges, Universities, and Individual. We bring Positive visible improvement & transformation in organisations/students.

Rose M Vase , Corporate Trainer & Image Consultant at Kairos Finishing School. 15+years of rich corporate experience in various sectors, inherent talent in training people and make them impactful leaders in their sphere of influence. As a Certified Image Consultant, I help clients project a powerful visual image of them to the outside world. First impressions are important. Equally vital as the ability to hold the attention of the people you come in contact with, positively and effectively.

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Individual Solutions

Image Matters as people make judgments and assumptions based on limited information. It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life. Your image which is essentially your message, your communication to the world is mostly visual and it is important to know the science and the art of creating a lasting impact. Rose Vase offers solutions in various formats for individuals to enable them to project an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image.

One on One Coaching: In this format we provide an elaborate personal image coaching solution which starts with capturing complete information about the client which helps in an image evaluation. The client is taken through several clinics which include:

  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Personal Style Evaluation
  • Body and Face Shape Evaluation
  • Color Evaluation
  • Wardrobe Evaluation
  • Grooming & Make-up
  • Etiquette& Body language
  • Weight Management & Communication
  • Personal Shopping & Styling

Based on the above evaluations, the client is then advised on managing their image based on their roles and goals in life.

Individual Clinics: In this format the client is taken through any one or more of the clinics from the list above based on the client’s specific needs.

Workshop:Rose Vase also offers a one day workshop on creating a powerful first impression. Complete knowledge on image related topics is provided along with guidelines on creating lasting first impressions. These workshops are usually conducted with 8 to 12 participants. Every workshop participant is also provided a personal consultation session within 15 days of the workshop.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

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Corporate Solutions

Companies who manage their image well see the following benefits and those that cannot manage their image well may lose out on all these

  • Premium Positioning
  • Premium Pricing
  • Larger Market Share
  • Favorable Media Coverage
  • Higher Returns For Investors
  • Attracting Best Talent & Retention
  • Lower Attrition Costs
  • Preferred Buyer-Vendor Equation

Consulting provides corporate solutions in Image Management in the following formats :

Training of employees: Employees are the basic pall bearers of the company image and it is essential for them to be well aware of the science and art of managing their image/appearance. We offer training workshops/group coaching based on a training need analysis (TNA). Complete knowledge and guidelines are provided to create a great visual impression. A special emphasis is laid on corporate etiquette which includes dining, travel, email, phonecalls and meetings. Based on specific requirements, International etiquette can also be included in the workshop.

Corporate Image Retainer: A company can retain us and periodically utilize our services through sporadic workshops and ongoing follow up coaching. As a retainer, we also impart random quality checks to maintain consistency in standards of the employees for their visual appearance, in addition to this solutions are provided on brand image including stationary, dress code policy etc.

One on one coaching solutions: Under this format we offer tailor made solutions for every individual. These packages are customized to suit the needs of an entity based on their prerequisites.

From a CEO to an entry level executive, every individual wants to appear credible and appropriate for the roles they play and the goals they would like to achieve. This is a personalized service offered by an Image Consultant which involves exhaustive coaching and high level of participation with essential demonstration.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

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